The German regulatory authority (Bundesnetzagentur - BNetzA) announced today that it has received around 900 applications for spectrum in the 3,4-3,5 GHz band (which can be exploited by IEEE 802.16-2004 compliant and WiMAX compliant technology).

BNetzA received applications covering the entire territory of Germany, entire Länder, as well as parts thereof. Much smaller applications, e.g. for coverage of individual cities or municipalities, have also been registered. The spectrum is expected to be used for wireless broadband access (in BNetzA's terminology: wireless Internet access or wireless distribution systems).

With so many applications for spectrum having been filed, it is unavoidable that multiple applications have been made for the same spectrum in the same areas. BNetzA will consult on the precise method for granting the spectrum to applicants this coming Spring.

For background information, including indications on BNetzA's likely approach, please refer to a previous T-REGS news item covering wireless broadband access in Germany.

The intention of the regulator is to grant the frequencies in the Autumn of 2006.