The consolidated text (after adoption of numerous amendments) of the draft "Projet de loi relatif aux communications électroniques" / "Wetsontwerp betreffende de elektronische communicatie", as approved by the Committee on Infrastructure of the Belgian Federal House of Representatives on 23 March 2005, is now available.

Update 20 April 2005: The Bill will be discussed in the Plenary of the Federal House of Representatives on 21 April 2005, 14:15h.

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The two adopted documents can be accessed by clicking here and here.

T-REGS Note: In the afternoon of 15 April 2005, the Flemish Government issued a press release announcing the failure of negotiations in the Committee ("Comité de concertation" / "Overlegcomité) that involves the Belgian Federal Government and the Regions/Communities relating to major institutional issues surrounding future regulation of the telecommunications sector in Belgium (after a ruling of the Court of Arbitration annulled certain aspects of Federal legislation, in particular the responsibilities of the the BIPT, but set a deadline of the end of 2005 to find a co-operative solution). The Flemish Government also adopted a draft Decree creating a new regulatory authority, the "Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media".

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