The Romanian government has issued Decision 1872/2004 which amends the income and expenditure budget of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANRC) for the year 2004, and includes the resources for financing Universal Service.

Providers of public electronic communications networks and of publicly available telephone services with a turnover of at least €3m, are required to contribute 0.8% of their relevant turnover (not including revenues from interconnection and roaming) to the Universal Service fund, and for 2004 this amounted to €14.3 million.

The Universal Service fund receipts for 2004 will be expended follows:

- 45% for installing telecentres (telephone and Internet access in remote areas).

- 35% for granting subsidies and facilities to low income families.

- 20% for installing public payphones and for directories.

Universal Service providers will be compensated for the net cost of providing the services mentioned above.

In the years 2005-2010, the percentage to be contributed by operators will be 0.5%.