On 28 and 29 Sep 2004, the European Parliament held formal hearings of the Commissioners-designate with direct responsibility for telecommunications.


  • Viviane Reding: Information Society and Media.
  • Neelie Kroes: Competition Policy.

The hearings lasted 3 hours each, and consisted of an opening statement (15min) by the Commissioner-designate, followed by direct questioning by members of the European Parliament's committees.

Mrs. Reding appeared in front of the committees for Industry, Research and Energy, and Culture and Education. Mrs. Kroes appeared in front of the committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

The hearings were streamed live on the Internet (T-REGS followed both hearings).

Recorded audio and video files of the hearings, as well as written answers to questions, and a curriculum vitae of each Commissioner-designate, have now been made available on-line, and can be accessed by clicking here.

For further background information on the new European Commissioners-elect, and on the process for their nomination, please refer to the T-REGS news item of 12 Aug 2004, the day on which President-designate José Manuel Barroso announced his proposed team.