Romania is not an EU Member State, but the country has voluntarily transposed the new EU regulatory framework for electronic communications, effective 1 Jan 2003, i.e. before any EU Member State transposed it.

Today, the regulatory authority ANRC and the competition authority, the Consiliului Concurentei (CC), have signed a co-operation protocol, covering electronic communications and postal regulation.

The two institutions will elaborate joint annual action plans, create mixed expert teams, and jointly examine issues and market developments of common interest, but, in contrast with the situation in many EU Member States, the competition authority will not be formally involved in the market analysis procedures provided for in the EU directives (market definition, identification of SMP operators, selection and imposition of regulatory obligations - "remedies").

The full text of the co-operation protocol has not been released. A press release was issued (English version is now available) and can be accessed by clicking here.