The two GSM mobile operators in Hungary, T-Mobile (until recently named Westel) and Pannon GSM have, in the recent past, provided the regulatory authority NHHT with data aimed at establishing a cost-oriented wholesale tariff for calls terminating on their respective networks. The data was required to be provided on the basis of a LRIC (Long Run Incremental Cost) methodology.

The regulatory authority has now determined that the models put forward by the mobile operators did not comply with the applicable regulations. The NHHT therefore, has not approved the mobile call termination charges proposed by the operators, but has proceeded ex-officio to establish new charges.

The newly determined charges are 10% lower than the previously approved charges.

The Council of the NHHT has come to the conclusion that different conditions apply to the two operators. Pannon GSM’s peak termination rates have been lowered from 45.15 HUF (0,17845 Euro) to 41 HUF (0,16204 Euro) and T-Mobile’s peak termination rates have been lowered from 40.50 HUF (0,16007 Euro) to 37 HUF (0,14624 Euro).

The new mobile call termination charges will be applicable from 15 June 2004.