OPTA, the Dutch regulatory authority, has today published a letter it sent to the CEO of KPN in which it determines the maximum discounts that KPN is authorised to grant to retail telephony customers in 2004.

(prior to the completion of the market analyses under the new regulatory framework).

As was the case in preceding years, maximum discounts are applicable to distinct categories of calls, and KPN is subject to a general obligation to cover its Fully Allocated Costs for each category of calls.

The resulting maximum allowable discounts for 2004 (i.e. the discount that can be granted to a particular customer for a particular call type compared to the published retail price for that same call type) are as follows:

  • local calls (in fact regional calls): 4.4%

  • national calls: 22.7%

  • international calls: 32.1%

  • fixed-to-mobile calls: 4.0%

The full text of the OPTA letter to KPN can be accessed by clicking here.