Several new public presentations have been added to the T-REGS documents category.
  • Next Generation Access - Analysis of Regulatory Approaches in EU Member States (ECTA NGA Workshop 26 June 2007).

  • Next Generation Access - Prospects for the Roll-Out of New Technologies Across Europe (Ofcom NGA Seminar 27 March 2007).

We took this opportunity to also add older T-REGS presentations:
  • Innovation and Disruption at the Intersection with Telecoms Regulation and Competition Law (IBA conference 22-23 May 2006).

  • VoIP in Belgium - Situation and Perspectives (ISPA conference 20 April 2006)
The presentations (PDF Format) can be accessed by clicking on Documents at the top right of this website. Click on 'date' to reorder the list if needed.