Update 15 Dec 2006: The auction
procedure was concluded this morning.
The total amount of the bids was €56 million.


Europe sarl and Inquam
Broadband GmbH obtained frequency packages
for all 28 regions (packages A and B respectively). Smaller frequency packages were won by Televersa
Online GmbH (frequency package D in regions 25 and 27) and MGM Productions Group SRL
(frequency package D in region 27).

Update 12 Dec 2006: The
BNetzA has today initiated the auction, with the following participants:  

  • Clearwire Europe S.a.r.l.
  • DBD Deutsche Breitband Dienste GmbH
  • EWE TEL GmbH
  • Inquam Broadband GmbH
  • MGM Productions Group S.R.L
  • Televersa Online GmbH.

Update 10 Nov 2006: The BNetzA announced today that only 6 companies have applied to participate in the auction for spectrum in the 3400-3600 MHz band.

3 of these companies (which remain unnamed at this stage) have affirmed ambitions to obtain spectrum on a nation-wide scale.

T-REGS Note: This stands in stark contrast the the +/- 900 applications that were received in September 2005, which led the determination of the modalities of the frequency licensing procedure. 

The BNetzA will now check whether the applicants meet the required criteria. The regulator will communicate at the latest early December 2006 which companies will be eligible for participation in the auction.

The frequency auction itself will be held in December 2006.

The German
regulatory authority BNetzA has today opened the subscription phase for the
auction for spectrum in the 3400-3600 MHz band. Applications to
participate in the auction can be filed until 8 Nov 2006. 

development follows a public consultation held in 2005 (see our previous news
and the avalanche of applications received as a direct result of the

in the auction is not limited to parties that have filed an application
following the consultation in 2005; it is open to anyone fulfilling the legal

parties must file an application to participate in the auction, and if their
application is withheld (i.e. if the legal requirements are fulfilled) the applicant
may enter the auction procedure. Further rules, including a requirement to make
a down payment (variable) are applicable. 

For the
purposes of this auction, Germany
has been split up into 28 regions. A company can only gain access to
frequencies within a region once. This is equally valid if a company is part of
a consortium. 

For every
region, 4 frequency packages are put up for auction: 

  • Package A:
    21 MHz paired
  • Package B:
    21 MHz paired
  • Package C:
    up to 21 MHz paired
  • Package D:
    up to 21 MHz paired
There are
no external guard bands between the packages; users of the spectrum should use
block edge mask ECC Rec. 04-05.

Packages A
and B are available for all regions, but packages D and C can be more limited
and are not available in each of the 28 regions. 

BNetzA has
defined roll out/coverage obligations that are different per region. 

information on spectrum availability, roll-out/coverage obligations per region,
and auction rules is available from T-REGS on request. 

application form and further details on the bidding process can be accessed by
clicking here (157 pages,
available in German only). 

For further
information, please contact Alexa Veller.