In the past days, the European Commission's eCommunications Consultation Task Force (eCCTF) has published a large number of new letters addressed to National Regulatory Authorities, including two PHASE II Investigations.

The PHASE II Investigations concern:

Netherlands: Definition of a separate retail market (informally named 'Market 19') for the distribution of free-to-air radio and television programmes via cable-tv networks.

Germany: Wholesale broadband access, and specifically the exclusion of VDSL from the market definition.

The other letters concern the following topics:

Austria: Wholesale mobile call termination (interconnection dispute resolution, determining the levels of wholesale charges).

Germany: Wholesale mobile call termination (market definition and SMP assessment only).

Italy: Wholesale broadband access, wholesale mobile access and call origination, and retail access to the fixed public telephone network for residential and for business customers.

Netherlands: Wholesale broadcast transmission to end-users.

Slovenia: Wholesale fixed call origination, wholesale fixed call termination, and retail fixed telephone calls for residential and business customers.

Spain: Wholesale mobile call termination, wholesale fixed call termination, and broadcast transmission.

The letters have been added to the .ZIP repositories of eCCTF letters, which can be accessed by clicking on Documents at the upper right of the T-REGS home page. Downloading the eCCTF letters is available for registered users only, but registration is free and subject to our Terms of Use, including our Privacy Statement.

For a discussion of the implications, especially of the precedent-setting letters on The Netherlands and Germany, please contact Yves Blondeel.