The Maltese regulatory authority MCA has published a very interesting slide presentation, entitled "Consumer Perceptions Survey Fixed Telephone Services".

The MCA explicitly indicates that: "[...] The results of this survey will help the MCA in making more informed decisions with respect to the analysis of the fixed telephone services markets and in designing better regulatory measures. [...]"

Slides 15 and 16 display data on the sensitivity of consumers to retail tariff increases for fixed telephone calls (the potential change in calling patterns and selection of providers as a result of a 5-10% tariff increase). T-REGS Note: this is the answer given by consumers in a survey, not a measurement of actual consumer behaviour.

Slide 19 shows that VoIP is widely used in Malta (see also a previous T-REGS news item which highlighted this fact).

Slides 24, 25 and 26 explore the substitutability of VoIP for traditional fixed telephony, and display that a great majority of consumers perceive the services as being substitutable. T-REGS Note: VoIP is primarily marketed in Malta as a means to make cheaper international telephone calls, and less so as a product associated with broadband access.

Slides 13, 15 and 16 examine the substitutability of fixed telephony for mobile telephony and vice-versa, and again represent a finding of considerable substitutability.

The complete slide presentation (in English) can be accessed by clicking here.