On 11 May 2004, the Austrian regulatory authority (the Telekom-Control-Kommission or TKK) proposed to designate Telekom Austria as having significant market power (SMP) on the wholesale market for terminating segments of leased lines (Market 13 of the European Commission's Recommendation on Relevant Markets Susceptible to Ex-Ante Regulation).

This conclusion was validated by the European Commission's eCCTF on 7 Oct 2004 and confirmed by the TKK on 27 Oct 2004.

As a consequence of the SMP designation, the TKK imposed an obligation on Telekom Austria to publish a reference offer for terminating leased line segments by  31 Jan 2005.

T-REGS Note: no obligation of leased line interconnection had been enforced in Austria under the previous regulatory framework.

Telekom Austria has now published such a reference offer, and the TKK is inviting interested parties to comment on its contents.

The deadline for responding to this public consulation is 15 March 2005.

Telekom Austria’s reference offer for wholesale leased lines (in German only), which contains a section on terminating segments, can be accessed by clicking here.

The conclusions from the market analysis with regard to Market 13 in Austria (in German only) can be accessed by clicking here.