Telenor and NetCom use spectrum in the 900 MHz band (894,5-904,1 / 939,5-949,1 MHz and 904,3-913,9 / 949,3-958,9 MHz) in Norway for their GSM networks. The frequency licences of both companies will expire on 1 Nov 2005.

Telenor and NetCom have already expressed their interest in retaining the frequencies and have pledged a one off fee of NOK 100 million (ca. €12,06m) and an annual frequency fee of NOK 9,6 million (ca. €1,16m).

Nevertheless, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications (Samferdelsedepartementet) has decided that an auction will be organised in order to allow other companies to acquire the right to use these frequencies. Bidding will start at a minimum of NOK 100 million. If no interested parties present themselves, the auction will be cancelled and the frequencies will immediately go to Telenor and NetCom.

Registration for participation in the auction is required in order to be able to enter the auction procedure. Registrations are valid only if filed in the Norwegian language.

The registration documents (in Norwegian) can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

  1. Registration scheme 
  2. Guarantees
  3. Information to be provided by the bidder

The deadline for registration is 22 April 2005 at 15.00h, Norwegian time.