The Spanish regulatory authority CMT has published its conclusions following the public consultation it opened in May 2004 on the provision of voice services using technologies based on the Internet Protocol (see previous T-REGS news item).

Document DT 2004/757 contains the following key elements:

1) A specific number range N-XYABMCDU will be defined and opened for nomadic VoIP-based services, with '5' being the most likely candidate as the first digit.

2) VoIP-based services are allowed to use geographic numbers (this stands in sharp contrast with the CMT's original proposals). T-REGS Note: Use of geographic numbers for nomadic VoIP is allowed but its nomadic use is limited to the telephone zone to which the number belongs.

3) Number portability is imposed on all providers.

4) Flexibility is granted on issues surrounding access to emergency services, consistent with the Statements made by the European Regulators Group and the European Commission.

The full text (in Spanish) of the 'Conclusiones de la Consulta Pública sobre la provisión de servicios de Voz mediante tecnologías basadas en el Protocolo Internet (VoIP)' can be accessed by clicking here.

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