As had been previously announced by the President of the German regulatory authority (see the relevant T-REGS news item), today's 'Amtsblatt' contains the Reg TP decision to create the '032' number range, in which numbers 'look and feel' like geographic numbers, but can be implemented anywhere in Germany, without having to respect the borders of the 5200 geographic numbering zones.

The rules (in German) for the utilisation of the '032 Nationale Teilnehmerrufnummern' can be accessed by clicking here.

The application form is accessible by clicking here.

A sunrise period until 10 Jan 2005 is introduced, during which all requesting parties will be treated as having requested their numbers simultaneously.

Reg TP expects to start effectively assigning number ranges (in blocks of 1000) to operators and service providers before the end of Jan 2005.

For further information on VoIP-related issues, including the use of geographic and other numbers in Germany, type 'Germany' in the search box at the top of this website, or contact Alexa Veller.