The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided to cap the amount of spectrum that bidders may obtain in the frequency auction in the 3,5 GHz band.

This auction, which is managed by the  regulatory authority Post og Teletilsynet (P&T), was the topic of previous T-REGS news items.

The conclusion of the Ministry is that the fixed incumbent operator Telenor will be permitted to buy up to 6 lots in the auction. In addition, the Ministry has decided that none of the (other) bidders may buy more than 6 lots in the auction.

Because of these modifications to the auction procedure, the auction is postponed, in order to allow previously registered bidders to reassess their business case and strategy and in order to invite new interested parties to the auction, under the modified auction rules.

The deadline for new parties entering the registration procedure is 5 Nov 2004.