The Romanian regulatory authority ANRC has launched a preliminary public consultation on the necessity to update the National Numbering Plan (NNP).

An update is deemed necessary to ensure, in the long run, that adequate numbering resources are available for the provision of all electronic communications services and for all operators, while providing for "the effective use of these limited resources".

Specific issues put forward for consultation include the following:

- size of the numbering ranges and the opportunity of assigning smaller blocks (blocks of 1.000 numbers instead of 10.000 numbers);

- definition of adequate numbering ranges for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs);

- various questions on non-geographic numbers (starting with 08 and 09), questions relating to short codes, and on numbering for private and virtual private networks.

In addition, interested parties are invited to put forward their own suggestions for other amendments to the NNP.

The full text (in Romanian) of the ANRC consultation document can be accessed by clicking here.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is 9 Sep 2004.

If an update is decided upon, it will come into effect on 31 Dec 2004.