The Romanian regulatory authority ANRC has adopted a Decision containing principles and preliminary conditions for unbundled access to the local loop.

The ANRC Decision establishes the maximum wholesale charges that RomTelecom, the fixed incumbent operator, will be entitled to charge its competitors for access to the local loop, as follows:

  • Full unbundling: activation charge: €59; monthly charge: €8,37

  • Shared access: activation charge: €59; monthly charge: €4,2

The Decision also requires RomTelecom to publish, within 45 days, a reference offer for unbundled access to the local loop (including shared access), and contains elements to facilitate negotiation of a framework contract. It also requires RomTelecom, within two months from the publication of the reference offer, to make available co-location in at least 10 access points in Bucharest.

The full text (in Romanian) of the ANRC Decision can be accessed by clicking here.