The European Commission's eCommunications Consultation Task Force (eCCTF) has published four new letters, concerning notifications which were made by the National Regulatory Authorities of the United Kingdom, Austria and Finland.

The letters contain no comments of substance, i.e. they validate the conclusions reached by the national authorities. They concern the following topics:

UK: Wholesale Fixed Narrowband and Call Termination: PPP costs (Policy, Product Management and Planning) for FRIACO (Flat-Rate Internet Access Call Origination). Letter SG-Greffe (2004) D/202625, dated 1 July 2004.

UK: Wholesale Fixed Narrowband: Handling of local calls in the context of Carrier Preselection (CPS Local Call Option). Letter SG-Greffe (2004) D/202626, dated 1 July 2004.

Austria: Wholesale Trunk Segments of Leased Lines. Letter SG-Greffe (2004) D/202688, dated 8 July 2004.  

Finland: Wholesale Transit in the Fixed Public Telephone Network. Letter SG-Greffe (2004) D/203018, dated 9 July 2004.

The letters have been added to the .ZIP repositories of eCCTF letters, which can be accessed by clicking on Documents at the upper right of the T-REGS home page. Downloading the eCCTF letters is available for registered users only, but registration is free and subject to our Terms of Use, including our Privacy Statement.