The French Official Journal of Saturday 10 July 2004 contained the "LOI no 2004-669 du 9 juillet 2004 relative aux communications électroniques et aux services de communication audiovisuelle".

This is the legislation transposing the EU directives on electronic communications networks and services into French law.

T-REGS has reported on the Parliamentary debates on this text in several previous news items, some of which highlighted the key points of discussion, and the outcome of the discussions.

The full text (in French) of the new law can be accessed by clicking here.

A consolidated revision-marked text of the revised Code des postes et des communications électroniques (formerly Code des postes et des télécommunications), incorporating the new law, has been prepared by the Conseil Constitutionnel (which was asked to examine the text by members of Parliament), and can be accessed by clicking here.