The European Commission's eCommunications Consultation Task Force (eCCTF) has published a letter, dated 1 June 2004, addressed to the UK regulatory authority Ofcom, following Ofcom's notification of its ADSL migration proposals (T-REGS reported on these proposals in a news item of 28 April 2004).

The eCCTF has examined the notification and the additional information provided by Ofcom and "[...] notes that the present notification consists of providing the further remedies, imposed only in relation to the market in which SMP has been found, as announced in the notification on wholesale asymmetric broadband origination in the UK (excluding the Hull area) previously notified to, and assessed by, the Commission [...]". The eCCTF makes no comment on the substance of the notification, but makes clear that any modification resulting from the national consultation will have to be re-notified to the European Commission.

T-REGS commentary: The key significance of this particular eCCTF letter is to underline the European Commission's, as well as Ofcom's, assessment that a regulatory intervention of this nature, relating to detailed migration issues, is subject to additional notification by National Regulatory Authorities to the European Commission.

The full text of the eCCTF letter can be accessed by clicking here, and the letter has been added to the T-REGS repository of eCCTF letters.