At its plenary meeting of 1 and 2 April 2004, the European Regulators Group (ERG) has adopted an "ERG Common Position on the approach to appropriate remedies in the new regulatory framework".

The remedies paper has therefore been finalised, but it will only be published on 23 April 2004.

The ERG press release highlights that the remedies paper has been prepared in close co-operation with the European Commission services, and the minutes of the ERG meeting (published a few days after the first release of this news item) contain the following in this respect:

"Fabio Colasanti of the European Commission highlighted the positive reception of the document on the part of the Commission Services and their full support for the document. He stated that this support will be expressed in various ways in the future. He also expressed the extreme usefulness of the supporting document and that it should be released at the same time. There was agreement on this. Fabio Colasanti also welcomed the substantial step towards the harmonisation of the application of remedies which NRAs are taking by agreeing to rely on common principles."

It is therefore to be expected (as the previous version of this news item already indicated) that, by means of speeches or statements by Commissioners Liikanen and Monti in the next few days/weeks, the European Commission will provide a form of endorsement of the ERG Common Position.

T-REGS will highlight any such development (or the absence of such development) on this website.