Ofcom, the new converged regulatory authority in the UK, has today published the "administrative fees" it will require to be paid in 2004/2005 by providers of electronic communications networks and services (i.e. in essence telecommunications operators and service providers) and by providers which are granted rights-of-way for the establishment of their networks (i.e. those who have been designated as benefiting from the provisions of the "electronic communications code").

The annual administrative fee, which is intended to cover the general cost of regulation, is set at 0.0683% of "relevant annual turnover", but various charge bands are defined for operators with an annual turnover between £5000 and £1 billion. A table on page 30 of the Ofcom document contains the charge bands.

Operators with a "relevant annual turnover" below £5000 are exempted from paying any administrative fee.

All operators which have been granted rights-of-way (also those with an annual relevant turnover below £5000) will, in addition, pay an annual fee of £3000 (the one-off fee for being awarded the right to benefit from rights-of-way is £10000).

The Ofcom document, entitled: "Licence and Administrative Fees - Statement of Principles for Broadcasting Act Licences and Telecommunication Regulation" can be accessed by clicking here. (link does not work in all web browsers)