The Austrian regulatory authority RTR has published a draft Interconnection Order, resulting from a formal request filed by Tele2, which operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Austria.

The draft Interconnection Order determines, amongst others, the applicable interconnection charges for call termination by the MVNO Tele2.

The draft Interconnection Order contains service description:

  • V25: mobile call termination on the Tele2 MVNO

RTR proposes to apply “charges of the same height as have been determined for the national roaming partners of Tele2”, i.e. the mobile call termination charges of the mobile network operator(s) which act(s) as (a) host(s) for Tele2. 

The implication is that Tele2 will not be entitled to determine its mobile call termination charges independently.

The interconnection charges resulting from the draft Order (once it is finalised) will be valid until such time as the exercise of market definition, market analysis, SMP designation and determination of regulatory remedies is completed in application of the new EU regulatory framework for electronic communications.

Comments from interested parties should be submitted to the regulatory authority by 29 April 2004.

The complete draft Interconnection Order can be accessed by clicking here.