The Hungarian National Communications Authority (NHH) and the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) have concluded an agreement which is intended to foster co-operation between the two authorities.

The agreement addresses three levels of co-operation: consultation among the Directors, co-ordination between the council of the NHH and the council of the GVH, and the NHH will take into account the experience, information and decisions of the GVH with regard to electronic communications markets.

The agreement also makes provisions to avoid “forum shopping”, i.e. it gives guidance to parties wishing to file a complaint with regard to the selection of the appropriate authority.

There are plans for a joint GVH-NHH professional forum, which will serve as a discussion platform for the civil servants of both authorities, in order to discuss problems which touch both on the subject of telecommunications and competition and which will allow these officials to exchange information on a regular basis.

The full text (in Hungarian) of the agreement between both authorities can be accessed by clicking here.

For further information or for a discussion, please contact Alexa Veller.