The Irish regulatory authority ComReg has today published a Decision Notice and Direction by means of which it determines interim charges (applicable until 30 September 2004) for the transfer of a PSTN or ISDN subscription from Eircom, the fixed incumbent operator, to an alternative operator making use of Wholesale Line Rental.

Contrary to ComReg's earlier proposals to temporarily apply a retail-minus charging system until a cost-oriented charge could be determined (see also our news item of 19 Feb 2004), a cost-oriented charging system is put into place immediately.

The immediate application of a cost-oriented charge became possible because Eircom has provided costing data to ComReg on 27 Feb 2004, and ComReg carried out a verification exercise (including by means of an on-site visit) of the costing data.

By means of the Direction, ComReg instructs Eircom to update its Reference Interconnection Offer to include the Wholesale Line Rental handling charges.

The key charges are:

  • €9.05 for single PSTN or ISDN lines
  • €14 for accounts comprising multiple PSTN or ISDN lines. 

Further fees, for instance for orders failing validation, for cancellation of Wholesale Line Rental whilst maintaining Carrier Preselection, etc. have also been determined.

The full text of ComReg Decision Notice and Direction D5/04 can be accessed by clicking here.

Given that the systems put in place by Eircom to support Wholesale Line Rental will evolve in the next few months, a new decision on charges will have to be taken once definitive costs are established and approved.