On 5 March 2004, the European Commission published two separate documents relating to leased lines, and invited interested parties to comment by 31 March 2004.

The first document concerns a possible revision of the Commission Decision (2003/548/EC) on the minimum set of (retail) leased lines, and requests input in particular on whether analogue and 64 Kbit/s leased lines should be removed from the minimum set, and on whether new types of high speed digital leased lines should be added to the minimum set.

The second document concerns leased line interconnection, i.e. leased line part circuits provided on a wholesale basis by operators to other operators, and requests input in particular on the pricing of such leased lines, the parameters (especially the length) of leased lines to be covered by a revised Commission Recommendation (possible inclusion of 50km) and on a proposed reference model for data collection by the European Commission in co-operation with National Regulatory Authorities.

T-REGS has been actively involved in the detailed discussion of issues relating to retail and wholesale leased lines for many years. Please contact Yves Blondeel for further details.

The full text of the European Commission's consultation documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Consultation document on the minimum set of (retail) leased lines. Consultation document on (wholesale) leased line interconnection.