The Danish authorities (Ministry and ITST) are initiating a procedure for the award of a single frequency licence for the provision of public fixed wireless access services in the Copenhagen area.

The awarding mechanism is an auction. Bids can be submitted on 18 May 2004 between 10:00h and 15:00h (Danish time). Bidding will require the completion of a specific form defined and issued by the regulatory authority IT- & Telestyrelsen.

The licence will go to the highest bidder. Bidders will have to pay a deposit of 50.000 Kr. The minimum bid is 50.000 Kr. A bid will remain valid for 6 months.

Upon winning the auction, a licence fee will be due. The fee will be equal to the amount that was bid, minus the deposit. An additional fee will be required to cover the expenses of the regulatory authority in organising the auction. This fee will be no higher than 200.000 Kr. (the regulatory authority has indicated to T-REGS that this fee will probably be exactly 200.000 Kr). The Executive Order does not stipulate it explicitly, but losing bidders will receive a refund of their deposit.

One year after the granting of the licence, the operator will have the obligation to cover at least 50% of the population in the licensed area. Other licence conditions can be found in an information memorandum, written by the regulatory authority.

The memorandum can be accessed by clicking here.

The text of the Executive Order can be accessed by clicking here.

For further information, please contact Alexa Veller.