Norway is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), which requires it to implement the European Union directives on electronic communications.

A law on electronic communications was adopted on 4 July 2003, and this has now been followed-up by the publication, by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, of a Regulation ("Forskrift") on electronic communications networks and services.

The Regulation addresses rights and obligations relating to the operation of electronic communications networks and services (for operators) and rights of access (for users of electronic communications networks).

The Regulation is subdivided in chapters dealing with issues regarding:

  • registration obligations
  • access and interconnection
  • carrier selection and number portability
  • mandatory services
  • numbering issues
  • data protection
  • security and emergency services
  • private electronic communications networks
  • the regulatory authority
  • complaints

The Regulation (in Norwegian) can be accessed by clicking here.

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