The Austrian Regulatory Authority Telekom-Control-Kommission has published a consultation document concerning the annual administrative fees to be paid by companies registered for the provision of electronic communications networks and services.

The proposal is for the fees to be calculated on the basis of the collective turnover (combined revenues) of all the registered entities. However, the regulatory authority intends to set a minimum turnover threshold. The turnover of any registered company which falls under this threshold will not be used in the calculation of the collective sum.

The TKK estimates turnover for the industry at €5.9 billion. The expected expense of the regulatory authority is €7.4 million. The regulator used these numbers to arrive at a threshold of €230.000. The number of registered entities who are obliged to pay a contribution is approximately 420.

Based upon these calculations, registered operators would have to pay an annual registration fee of €300 (the regulator also derives revenues from other sources).

The TKK requests input from all concerned entities on the proposed figures and calculation. Only entities that are truly concerned (i.e. entities which would have to pay the said fee) are entitled to participate in the consultation.

The documents relating to the consultation can be accessed by clicking here.