The European Regulators Group (ERG) has today added various items to its website, including the minutes and conclusions of its 7th plenary meeting, which include a statement on the way forward for the Joint ERG/EC approach to regulatory remedies.

The full text of the plenary meeting minutes can be accessed by clicking here.

As regards the work on regulatory remedies, two key points stand out:

a) The ERG will seek to adopt the document in April 2004, taking the form of an ERG Common Position, to be endorsed by the European Commission.

b) 12 topics have been identified as needing further work before the document is finalised.

  • The basic structure of the document.


  • The basic assumption of the three-step process according to the new regulatory framework.

  • The relation to the 3 main objectives of Art. 8 FD.

  • The principle of proportionality.

  • The relation between Chapter 3 (Principles) and Chapter 4 (Mapping).

  • Regulatory option appraisal.

  • Ex-ante vs. ex-post.

  • Emerging markets.

  • The concept of the “ladder of infrastructure”. 

  • Fixed termination access and non-reciprocal termination charges for new entrants.

  • "Soft regulation" for fixed and mobile newcomers/small operators.

  • Total amount of regulation caused by the new framework.

The ERG has also finalised and published its work programme for 2004, and published its annual report for 2003.

The 2004 Work Programme can be accessed by clicking here.

The Annual Report for 2003 can be accessed by clicking here.