The Italian AGCOM (converged national regulatory authority for telecommunications and media) and AGCM (competition authority - commonly named "antitrust authority"), have concluded a co-operation agreement relating to electronic communications.

The co-operation agreement is inspired by the new EU regulatory framework for electronic communications, and is based upon Article 19 of the Legislative Decree N° 259 of 1 August 2003, which transposed the EU directives into Italian law.

The agreement is quite short (only 6 articles fitting on a couple of pages). The full text (in Italian) can be accessed by clicking here. It is effective as of today.

The co-operation agreement provides for the AGCM's involvement in the market analysis procedure. The AGCOM will transmit its draft decisions, giving the AGCM 45 days to express its opinion.

Furthermore, the AGCOM will also involve the AGCM in spectrum trading cases.