The Austrian Telekom Control Kommission has started an inquiry on the provision of 3G mobile (UMTS) services in Austria.

The Austrian 3G licences stipulate that, by 31 Dec 2003, the licensees should have reached 25% coverage. In case this level is not reached, penalties up to €20m can be applied.

Licensed 3G mobile operators are required to provide the TKK with data on their penetration levels by 1 March 2004.

Operators must provide a list of all municipalities where 3G mobile service is being provided, the location of the base stations, the frequency channels used, a map of Austria with all base station locations and the areas provisioned. Service coverage levels as calculated by the licensed operators must also be provided.

This data will form the basis of the detailed measurements which the regulatory authority will consequently perform. The conclusion of the procedure is foreseen for May 2004. All penalty payments (if due) will go to the Austrian Treasury.

Note: Austria currently remains the only EU Member State where more than one 3G network is effectively providing commercial services.