In the context of the forthcoming revision of the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, the EU Competitiveness Council of Ministers, held on 10 November 2003, took a decision on free movement of telecommunications and other electromagnetic equipment.


Extract from the press release, dated 11 Nov 2003:

Electromagnetic compatibility (PH)

In order to prepare the ground for a possible agreement with the European Parliament at first reading, thus avoiding a considerable delay in adopting this Directive, the Competitiveness Council was invited to address the following outstanding issues:

Article 4.2 Free movement of equipment:

The requirements of this Directive shall not prevent the application in any Member State of the following special measures concerning the putting into service or use of equipment:

  • measures “for a specific site” in order to overcome an existing or predicted electromagnetic compatibility problem (e.g. the vicinity of an airport);

  • measures taken for safety reasons to protect public telecommunications networks or receiving or transmitting stations when used for safety purposes “in well defined spectrum situations” (like aeronautical communications);

and has reached an agreement on a general approach regarding the Commission proposal for a Revision of the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC currently in force.